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Where the Streets Have No Name

I want to reach out and touch the flame

Where the streets have no name.


Constantly I look down while walking in the street of London,

and the street seems talking to me.

Like a new language etched on the pavement, like Braille

the tactile writing system used by the blind,

I try to capture the street’s language.



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A Handful of Musical Notes

“Y’ know, Music is a beautiful thing. When I’m reincarnated I’m gonna come back as a musical Note!”

-Rahsaan Roland Kirt

My urgent need of clearing my space brought me to a cliff, in which I either jump or perish among my clutter.

To be an artist and a designer I believe is essential to collect things, material is the essence of our creation, but it comes a point, or at least for me, in which I recognise that I have slipped into hoarder  behaviour.

I feel the need of recycling but the way I see recycling is for me giving a new dimension to the original thing and make it unrecognisable.

I hope I have succeed this experiment with this project on paper, any kind of paper now mean something else to me, from magazines, wrapping paper, packaging, maps, records covers, music scores and photographs. Now transformed into something to wear, to carry with you on your journey. Now that the object is transformed into a new ‘format’ is ready to live a new life, a new experience into the material world, it isn’t a recycling process, its ‘Reincarnation’ .


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New Designers 2013

‘Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all…good design must primarily serve people.

-Thomas J. Watson

Today I visited the New Designer show (part 2) and I must say I was really impressed with the quality and the beauty of the design of these new graduated students. They friendly approached people  to give all their story, information on their design.

The first stand  I visited was Charlie Holden he designed a solar panel called Dragonfly. Solar Simplicity as he defines it, indeed sound simple in the way he explains it.  The panel can be attached outside your window, it moves following the sunlights, connected to a box which is kept inside the room it will charge a battery.The system is pretty much like the one used for electric cars, simple but very effective. Something I will consider if I ever build a studio in the middle  of nowhere. This is an exciting design and wish Charlie a great future with it.

I have a passion for chairs, and I can see that the same passion was shared by many of the students who exhibited at the show. Here some example of what I have seen.

Recycling, weaving have been applied to create unusual highly conceptual objects. These pieces are not far from pure art, which communicate powerfully the intend of the designer which is perceived clearly.

The Communication quilt by Joshua Barnes (joshua.barnes@btinternet.com) is a design which embrace technology and the physical object.

Journeywoman’s boat (www.journeywoman.co.uk) is the astonishing work of Xenia Moseley, she focused on her local area in East Sussex where she met a spinner, a basket weaver, upholsterer and boat-maker, all situated along the river Ouse. All these techniques combined together to create this unique piece.

I want one!

Elea Nouraud (eleanouraud.com) work is about recycling, localism and biodiversity, as she wrote on the catalogue, it is indeed a strategic way to push recycling, bringing a powerful message into companies ethos, in this case Sainsbury, by using the brands plastic bags turning them into a solid products which are charming appealing and stunningly beautiful.

In the illustration section I found interesting the work of Louise Jones (www.sparklymouse.co.uk) which I connect with some of my embroidery projects. She is an Embroiderer/ Illustrator.

If anyone felt the urgent need of being creative here was an opportunity to express it, in a bottle.

I can only conclude this journey with one of the simple quote from Massimo Vignelli

“The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.”























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You Made My Days


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A Gesture Of Love

A gesture of love can prolong your life.

Marco loves brushing, I have been collecting his hair for years, and I know that every brushing is a gesture of love, for both, for me to give and for him to receive it.

I find also therapeutic turn these hair into something, which is what I am experimenting at the moment.

A gesture of love is a connection from soul to soul.


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BA-FDA Surface Design Final Show 2013

Life is made of dreams…Big Dreams…

These images are from the BA & FDA Surface Design final show, at London College of Communication.

Their work is stunning,  and they are all very very talented people.

I therefore wish them all, the most wonderful success for a wonderful creative adventure in their life.



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Randomly travelling on textile

Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together.

-Anais Nin


Random work has been my aim for these 2 weeks. I travelled along my textile as if I was on a journey, with no destination.

And I am sharing my experiments with you …today…

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The flavour of sunday

‘Consala comu voi sempri cucuzza é’

(Spice it as you like it will always be a pumpkin)

Sicilian Proverb

Here we are, at the second round with the sewing club. Our enthusiastic and creative guest has arrived, Cristina Ottonello, bringing  her bag that reminded us of Mery Poppins ones. Her plan for today was a swimsuit. Cristina studied at Central St Martin and she works as an artist creating installations,  for further information about her work check out her website – www.cristinaottonello.co.uk

Our task for today (me and Kunjing) was to create resin samples for our university project. But I divided myself between the kitchen and my patterns, they are taking a lot of time  as they are not as simple as I thought. Marco my cat was really interested in all the activities that were going on.
The recipe for today was pasta with courgettes, I discovered that it is a Sicilian recipe. I have altered the recipe adding my own ingredients, to add more flavour and texture, otherwise this bland vegetable, as the Sicilian proverb says, ‘will never taste of anything’.

Well, at least I tried ….

…and it was delicious!



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What a fabric day!

I’m a little bit of a fabric lunatic.

John Malcovich

Today unexpectedly I received two donations of fabric.

Bags and bags of beautiful interesting fabric, in which i got lost into, their colours and textures … I have to agree with the quote, I am also a fabric lunatic!

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See Sew Club

I send my kid to college so I could store my fabric in her room.

Linda Nee



Today first day of see sew club, Kubra, Kunying and Denise have arrived at 3pm and after a cup of tea and a nice chat we started to work.

Me and Kubra studied the patterns and Kunyin started making her jewelry bags, meticulous as always with her endless patience she has created a cute little bag.


Kubra left earlier and I am committed to finish the patterns cause my fabric can’t wait any longer!

As expected at the end of the day… dinner, inevitably all Italian!

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